Owner and Lead Trainer, Coach Rob

Coach Rob has been active since age 6. Always playing youth sports , he was always the “BIG KID ” in the neighborhood growing up. Starting with soccer , then eventually playing basketball and football. He found his passion around age 11 when his father got him started weight lifting. He trained with his father and a few of his fathers friends who were all Power Lifters and very big guys.It gave him some comfort that it was ok to be bigger than most kids his age.

In high school, he made the varsity football team his freshman year. Throughout the year , the coaching staff pushed him to keep his body weight up until he was a staggering 347 lbs at age 17. His senior year , with two games left Rob suffered a devastating knee injury that would eventually end his football career forever. Being that heavy was not good for thee rehab process and it took him months longer than expected also costing him a scholarship offer to play football at Kent State University.

Rob was crushed. Football and weight lifting was all he was ever really good at. After rehabing for 19 months , he decided to attempt weight lifting again , in hopes to possibly regain some of his strength and feel like his former self. He pushed and pushed but found that the motivation just wasn’t quite there anymore. In 2008 , a friend of his , at the time , introduced him to CrossFit. The group setting was a new concept of training to him and he felt a bit more motivated than training alone. He lost 65 lbs the first 4 months He felt like he was becoming his normal self again. Then , one morning in 2009 , he woke up and didn’t feel quite right. As he attempted to get to the bathroom to wash his face , he fell and hit his head. He laid there for hours until his brother came by wondering why he hadn’t heard from him. After getting him to the hospital , Rob was given another devastating blow in his life. They found a golf ball sized tumor in his brain and would have to undergo surgery to attempt to remove it or shrink it down.

Again , his never give up attitude kicked in , and he said,”This will not beat me !!!” After seven months of chemo and radiation therapy he managed to restart his fitness journey , all over again.Losing 80 more lbs from treatment, he pushed his weak body to attempt to regain some strength.

In 2010 , he obtained his CrossFit Level 1 training certificate and in 2011 opened his own facility known now as Triple ‘D’ Strength & Conditioning Academy. His passion and never give up attitude are what fuel him today to be the best he can be and help as many people as he can through their own fitness journey.

“Being as passionate as I have become about fitness,I want nothing more than to share my journey with everyone and help as much as possible!!!” – Coach Rob

“Being a great coach and a great athlete are two totally different mindsets.To be a great athlete,you have to put your own needs first , to be a great coach, you put your athletes needs before your own! I want to be a Great Coach!!!” – Coach Rob

“I’m not able to make you want the change, but I can help you make one that will change you forever!!!” – Coach Rob


Coach Rob with Fred Lowe “Olympic Weightlifting Instructor”

Coach Rob with Kelly Starrett “Mobility Cert Instructor & Founder of MobilityWod.com”

Coach Rob with Greg Amundson ” Goal Setting Instructor”

Coach Rob’s Certifications:

  • NCSF Strength & Conditioning Certified
  • ISSA Strength & Conditioning Certified
  • Expert Rating Boot Camp Certified
  • Expert Rating Personal Trainer Certified
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • CrossFit Power-lifting
  • CrossFit Endurance
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting
  • CrossFit Strong Man
  • CrossFit Goal Setting

Strength & Conditioning Coach at Treasure Coast High School for Girls Weight Lifting Team and Girls Volleyball Teams

Other Credentials :

Over 50 competitions
Beast Mode Battle x 3 Team & Individual
Raid Games
Clash of the Fittest x 2 Team & Individual
Endurance Challenge
Blue Print Games
Palm Beach Partner Throwdown x 2
Freakin Crossfit Throwdown
Throughbred Throwdown
I am now games
Combat for a Cure
Backyard Battle
Bacon Beat Down
I am CrossFit Strong man challenge
Crush Games Judge

3 x Power Lifting Qualifier
1 Broward Invitational Body Building Competitor
Over 25 5k runs
1 Half marathon
Rowed 1 Full Marathon
1 Sprint Triathlon
Multiple charity events hosted and the list keeps growing …

Special thanks to Alexa for making this video!